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GUKG Maths

UKG Maths with Numbers & sequences, Addition subtraction,patterns, shapes, time, measurement, Indian money, Early learning program, early learning, good and simple learning, simple math problems, parents help needed, pre primary schools, pre primary class, pre kg

Worksheets in GUKG Maths

KINDERGARTEN Fun based Maths Worksheets - UKG (102 Worksheets)

(Worksheets available only in printed format in colour)

Features :

Bright and Colourful Pages
Full of fun and activities
Very high emphasis on teaching them simple calculation
Moving slow but without wastage of time
Single worksheet covers more questions to maintain interest and wider learning
Designed by highly experienced educationalists

Topics Covered :

Numbers and Number sequences
Addition and subtraction
Less and more
Right and Left
Writing Practise
Ascending order
Back counting
Concept of zero
Number Line
Tens and Ones
What will follow
Finding differences
Number names
Ordinal Numbers
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