Fun with English
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Upper KG Fun with English

Has worksheets for kids for advanced English with sentence building exercises reading and understanding sentences with grammar concepts unseen passages for small kids Sequencing Sentences Story Reading, english learning, english for ukg, english for kg, english for lkg, english for advance children, english for beginners, english in printed, english for school, english for cbse, english for icse

Worksheets in Upper KG Fun with English

KINDERGARTEN Fun with English Worksheets - Upper KG Kids (30 Worksheets)

(Worksheets available only in Laser Colour printed format)

Features :

Bright and Colourful Pages
Full of fun and activities
Very high emphasis on building vocabulary with spellings
Moving slow but without wastage of time
Single worksheet covers lot of questions to maintain interest and wider learning
Designed by highly experienced educationalists

Topics Covered :

Reading and Understanding Sentences
Sentence Building
A and An
Making Words
Naming Parts of Picture
Action Words
Describing Myself Other Description Words
Connecting Concepts Senses
Sequencing Sentences
Picture Reading
Simple Passage Comprehending
Story Reading
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