Math- Part 2
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Lower KG Math- Part 2

These worksheets cover concept part of Maths for Lower KG or Junior KG children. They is recommended to be done along with writing and numbering worksheets, the best ones are that come in LKG Maths, on our website


Worksheets in Lower KG Math- Part 2

KINDERGARTEN Fun based Maths Concepts Worksheets : Lower KG (40 Worksheets)

(Worksheets available only in printed format in colour)

Topics Covered

  • Before, After, In Between
  • More and Less
  • Greater Than, Less than
  • Backward Counting
  • Number Order
  • Number Names
  • Concept of Zero
  • Basics of Addition
  • Concept of Subtraction
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Shapes and Patterns
  • Writing Practice Sheets
  • Left and Right
  • Time
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