Handwriting Level 3
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Handwriting Handwriting Level 3

Handwriting worksheets for ages 9 and above

Worksheets in Handwriting Handwriting Level 3

Handwriting worksheets for ages 9 and above (40 Worksheets)

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What is covered:
Cursive letters - upper and lower case

Salient features:
Interest Factor:
The primary aim of any worksheet developed at UpToSchoolWorksheets is the interest of the child. We go an extra step ahead to make the work interesting for the student,since any page done with interest is equal to 10 pages done forcibly. In this endevour of ours, we have included a boring and tiring subject like handwriting, as well.
Writing mere alphabets is not what a 9 year old would want to do! It seems so kiddish for them ! Never mind, we have put them quiet less and we move to words very soon. But we know, now they want much more than simply words. We have more, tongue twisters and much more...

Height of letters:
Height of letters are big enough to be comfortable for them. Now they write not in 4 lined books, but single lined, which are closer and no guidance to restrict their height. We have similarily reduced the heights of our words, but we do give guidance, since we want them to keep a constant height while they write.

Formation of letters:
Directions on how a letter will be formed, is given with each cursive letter, to make it easier for them.

Vocabulary and Spellings as they learn handwriting:
There can be nothing better than learning two things at one time. In these worksheets the students are introduced to lot of words and phrases during their writing practise to increase their vocabulary and spellings.

Lots and lots of English:
Why say they are learning writing! They are'nt, they won't feel so. They have lots and lots of GRAMMAR to work on. Making sentences correct and use of various parts of speech is something that will come to them easily after they have done UpToSchoolWorksheets' handwriting worksheets!
And not to mention the extra general knowledge that they gain!

So there are lots of reasons to go for these - not simply "Handwriting" worksheets!
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